Praying for The Scottish Parliament


Parliamentary Prayers Scotland is a non-denominational Christian group that exists to pray for the needs of the Members of the Scottish Parliament. We are non-party political and as a group we do not lobby parliament on issues. Our focus is to support every MSP through prayer regardless of their party, political stance or religion. We believe that with prayer support each MSP is given the power and opportunity to make a positive difference.

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Prayer Meetings

The core prayer group meets in Edinburgh on Tuesday mornings every week while parliament is in session. In the afternoon we pray inside the chamber while the time for reflection is being held. PPS has been praying consistently for the parliament since 1999. We pray for wisdom for MSPs, for their health and that of their families and also for the security of the parliament building. As we pray into the remit of each MSP we also end up praying into every aspect of Scottish life.
Scotland seen from the heavens (photo provided by NASA)
We believe that God has given us our leaders and the best way to pray for our nation is to pray through them. We are in the process of setting up prayer groups in each of the eight regions of Scotland. If you would like to join us for prayer in Edinburgh or to find out what is happening in your region, please use email form to get in touch.

Public Meetings

From time to time we invite MSPs from each of the different parties along to PPS to inform us how we can best pray for their needs.


Salvation Army, East Adam Street. (On the Pleasence opposite Pleasence Fringe Venue)


If you would like to get in touch please use this email address: